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Chiswick RNLI praise rowing coach

Chiswick RNLI lifeboat crew were called by the UK Coastguard at 11.51am on Saturday 9 September to reports of a rowing coach in the water in Barn Elms Reach.

The lifeboat crew found the coach in the water clinging to his boat. He told the lifeboat crew that his engine had stalled and when he tried to restart it the boat shot forward, propelling him into the water.

Thankfully, the lifejacket he was wearing automatically inflated and the kill cord attached to his jacket was pulled out of the engine, bringing the boat to a halt.

The lifeboat crew helped the coach back into his boat and stayed with him while he restarted the engine and escorted him back to his rowing club where he was met by fellow members.

RNLI helmsman Gavin Simmons praised the coach for his foresight and safety planning: ‘Having a functioning lifejacket and a kill cord plugged in meant that an uncomfortable incident did not turn into a tragedy.’

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