by Chiswick RNLI

Ninth dog walker rescued by Chiswick RNLI crew in 2018

At 9.35am on Monday morning 19 November 2018 Chiswick lifeboat crew responded to a report of a woman and her dog in the water downstream from Hammersmith Bridge. Four minutes later they arrived to find a woman in the Thames at the foot of the river wall.

Dog walker rescued from the Thames

Monty, a four month old rescue dog from Battersea Dog’s Home, had chased some birds and careered off the riverside path into the Thames. The owner had clambered down a ladder and got hold of the dog.

She then managed to get Monty up to her friend above but the strong rising tide made it impossible for her to get back to the ladder. She was standing in around metre of water so it was straightforward for the crew to get her into the lifeboat; within half an hour the water would have risen another metre.

The crew gave her blankets and treated her for some minor grazes. Since she had been in the water, they advised her to visit A&E to enquire about getting a tetanus injection. The woman was very grateful for the crew for rescuing her and was in good spirits. Her main concern, after knowing that she and her dog were safe, was that her friend might be late for yoga.

As she was otherwise uninjured she was landed at the steps in Bishop’s Park close to her friend’s house.

This was the ninth dog related rescue for Chiswick RNLI in 2018. Helmsman Glen Monroe commented: ‘ We learnt that the woman’s friend had immediately called HM Coastguard on 999. Her swift action significantly reduced the time it took for us to reach the casualty. It was a cool morning, with wet clothing in a fierce easterly wind she was cooling rapidly. The fast response meant she needed no further treatment beyond the initial first aid.’

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